Little things.



It certainly is the little things I am appreciating about being ‘home’. Getting our life out of storage and emptying the boxes to refill our home was a little like opening up the box of cherished Christmas decorations each year where you revisit long forgotten memories.

Most of the items we put into storage were either necessary to our everyday living or of sentimental value.These have now been stashed around the house, some in the same place as before others have found different positions, a few things still languish in boxes awaiting the right place to put them.

We have then added a few new items,, again some necessary to our everyday living others reflecting our new interests. Robert has purchased a couple of guitars and an amplifier, he continues to ‘research’ e bay for other things he would like to add to this new collection. I of course got Bertha my lovely spinning wheel and my very comfy rocking chair.


So the house is in order – well it will do for now – the days are drawing in and the garden is very colourful. Living so close to open countryside we don’t see too much of the birds in the summer, they choose to spend time in the fields and hedges rather than around the houses, but now they are flitting around much more, looking for berries and bits to eat. We have a resident wren who has nested near our neighbours garage every year since we have been here. She is around quite regularly and sings her little tune. The Robin is back and again delights me with his early morning songs. Great tits, coal tits and blue tits have been flying across and using our trees as a half way stopping place.

It seemed like I should give back to these little creatures for the pleasure they are giving me so, I ordered a smart new bird feeding station from the internet. It arrived very swiftly and awaited my attention for a couple of days then, yesterday, I decided it was time to put it together. It took a while…there were lots of bits and a not so easy to read diagram – however eventually I had it sorted and took the lower section into the garden to position it in the ground.

The spike needed to be sunk in for 16” of its length, a useful marker had been placed at the correct point for me to stop. Hammer in hand and a piece of wood to protect the top of the metal from damage, I began my task. I should have realised that we probably don’t have anywhere near that depth of soil before I hit stone and thick hard clay sub soil! It did go down about 8” and seemed fairly solid, as we are quite sheltered I decided that would have to do. I returned indoors to get the rest of the ‘bits’, put it all together and stood back to admire my achievement. It seemed a bit more wobbly now – it will be fine. Back indoors I looked out at my new feeder and wondered how long it would be before the birds might find it…. at this point I noticed it wasn’t quite straight…well I am sure the birds wont mind will they!


So as I sit writing this the birds are beginning to explore this new stopping place and finding the treats I have left for them. It has bought the garden to life, such a small addition with big reward for me and the birds!



Now what was it I was going to do?

Today seems to be one of those days when I don’t end up doing things that I thought I would be doing – like right now… I came upstairs to spin, then remembered I was going to blog….

This morning I baked cake, I did not intend to bake cake but somehow it just happened that I decided to bake cake. It all began with the sour dough.

A group of my Ravelry friends have got me into making sour dough starter, I call mine Horace as he is always hungry it seems. Now if you have ever dabbled in sour dough or come across friendship cake (which seems to have changed its name over the years to be called Herman the German cake) you will be aware that it needs looking after. Tender loving care to be precise otherwise it dies or becomes smelly – not good!

I started my starter last Monday and have fed, halved, stirred and re fed it keeping it pleasantly warm most of the time. It soon lets you know when its not warm enough as it sulks and separates. At this point I give it a good stir, a little food, warm it up and off it goes again!

Friday I made my usual pizza and bread and used a little of the starter as I was not confident of it working without some ‘proper’ yeast. The dough was silky and smooth, it felt lovely. The pizza and bread turned out just fine.


So this morning after decanting a little for my neighbour to collect later I used a cupful of starter with 2 cups of flour to see how it would get on alone. While it was proving I decided to make the cake….. before I could turn around its lunch time. Where did the morning go?

My days seem to be a bit like this, I can’t say I have done anything in particular just been constantly on the go. I have spun some more yarn, this time to make gloves. Its merino and very soft, in lovely autumn shades. The first glove is part knit.


and the yarn I spun previously is now a little throw.


It is lovely knitting with my own hand spun. It feels very squishy and soft.

Saturday we attended the Snods Edge Beer Festival with Christopher and Helen. They had a great time tasting local beers with Robert, I was designated driver which is fine as I don’t care for beer. Snods Edge is a small Hamlet along the road from us. Our house comes within the parish church boundary. We are 20 houses here at Bridge Island – there are only150 in the whole parish! There always seems to be some event or other happening in the village hall and this one was well attended. We arrived at 3.30pm and left around 6, the event went on until 11pm and as we left a small coach party arrived, looked like they were in for a busy night too.

2012-10-06 16.59.22

To our surprise we received a telephone call Sunday evening to say we had won one of the door prizes, Chocolates, fizzy wine and a DVD – sound like a recipe for a good night in!

Our days are much cooler now and another frosty morning today meant Robert had to clean the car off before he could leave for work. The past few days have been sunny however showing up some lovely autumn colours around the garden.



So now back to where I was going …. spinning for a while….more soon!

Doing an edit on this to re publish. I published on Monday but it looks like the e-mail notifications did not go out. If you are getting it twice I apologise… if not – enjoy!