A chill in the air!

The days are certainly getting shorter and cooler and wetter! Last night it was time to turn on the lights around 7.30pm and our central heating is taking the chill off the house both night and morning.

Not too much in the way of Autumn colours as yet but yesterday I drove out to Stanhope in Weardale to attend a spinning group there. What a beautiful drive. Its been around 5 years since I went that way but its only 12 miles from home, in fact within about 5 miles there are the most terrific views on a good day.

After a few miles there is a cattle guard across the road, from there on you are in North Pennines National Park – an area of outstanding natural beauty. The sheep did not seem daunted by a would be fleece napper, complete with spinning wheel, they were lazily strolling either side of the road. I wanted to stop and take pictures to share with you but found there were not too many suitable places. The side of the road has been badly affected by weather and is very pothole strewn. Eventually I found a pull in and got out with the camera. It was at this point I realised I should have bought a coat! The wind almost blew me flat added to which it was very chilly.



Right in the distance, in the bottom picture, I could see the North East coast. I wish I could have found a better spot to take some shots. The marker posts alongside the road are a tell tale sign of what the weather can be like up here in winter – they are snow markers! I guess I wont be going to the Stanhope spinners group in bad weather.

They were a lovely bunch of ladies drawn from many locations across the area and I met a couple of spinners who have been spinning for over 40 years. They had a wealth of knowledge and were very generous about passing it on.

My life seems very full of fluff and wool right now, I am so enjoying having Bertha around to keep me company. Last Saturday was Spin in public day where those who can, display to the public at large, that spinning is a pass time to be enjoyed. I joined a other spinners at The Knit Studio in Blackfriars in Newcastle spending a very pleasant few hours under the Walnut tree beside the historic buildings there.P1290428

These ladies too were most helpful with tips on how to get Bertha working more smoothly. So much so that a couple of days later I had this:-

P1290429This is the first yarn I have finished on Bertha. See, I have been busy.I have already started to knit with it. Ok its a bit lumpy bumpy but I want to actually use it – progress shots next time.


3 thoughts on “A chill in the air!

  1. It’s so sad that winter is on it’s way, but then, I do like the crisp air. Glad you are getting time to do spinning- I know how much you enjoy it!

  2. It is so fun to read your posts from home now and actually recognize these areas as we were there!!! Glad to see you blogging again. Our weather fall is finally here as well. Take care friend.

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