What’s happening ?

Hello everyone!

Well, apologies for neglecting my blog but phew, life has been more than hectic!

This is my second week with Robert back at work and finally I feel some calmness with time to relax and put words on paper… well I suppose that should be on screen.

We have had a fair bit of family stuff in the last few weeks but have also been getting the house a bit straighter. This past week end we had a visit from Liz and Ron (with their friends Cathy and Dennis) who are on a tour of the UK as the final part of their Europe vacation.

I met Liz through our mutual love of knitting via the internet site Ravelry. We then visited with them at their California home and took a trip together to Lake Tahoe in April. It was lovely to be able to welcome them to the North East on a beautiful week end and show them some of our favourite places.


Ron and Dennis at the Quayside


Liz enjoying The Sage


Here we are all together in Blackfriars Restaurant Sunday afternoon!

P1290360I have made a couple of acquisitions over the past week or so. The first is Bertha my spinning wheel who is going to keep me company and hopefully out of too much trouble this winter.

She dates from around 1965 –75, I believe, I bought her from e-bay. When we collected her the young lady who was selling told me she had been given the wheel by someone who was clearing out their Mums attic after she had passed away.

The wheel has been kept very well, the seller had not taken to spinning but had still looked after her. With a little oil and a few tweaks she was running well and we are enjoying getting to know each other!

My second purchase again from e-bay was a lovely rocking chair.


This is so comfy … I am sitting in it right now…. in our smaller bedroom which we have turned into a den for our hobbies.

Number one question we are being asked at the moment is ‘how does Robert feel being back at work’… Robert being Robert is taking it all in his stride. He is getting to know what is required of the job he is involved with, getting to know new faces and renewing old friendships. All good so far. Mind – getting up while its still dark (6am alarm) is not going down so well with either of us.

And me? well as I said before I have not had a minute ….. so much I want and need to do the day flies over.

Second question…. do we miss our travelling and haRVey? again life has been so busy we just have not had time to even consider what we might have been doing. I confess I did have a couple of jealous moments when reading what some of our friends have been up to… Sue and Paul (www.soos-ontheroad.blogspot.com) were at Lake Superior….. and Aggie and George have been visiting too… in Utah and then up to see the presidents  at Mount Rushmore…Aggie

This is Aggie with a mutual friend of ours Vanmoose! and of course the Presidents

It seems our season is turning, cooler blustery weather this week with P1290414some rain too. So to finish off with here are a couple of images of the garden. The Japanese anemone are in full bloom.


This one is looking down from the den window on the top part of the garden with the burn (stream) just over the fence in the top right corner.

I thought it might be nice to share some images of our home and surroundings so there will be more in up coming blogs I hope.

This will be first blog without my editor in chief (Robert) giving it the once over so hopefully there are no glaring typos else I will be in big trouble when he reads it!

Hopefully more soon! Elaine


5 thoughts on “What’s happening ?

  1. Glad Robert is settling in to the new job-and you are getting a chance to get back to some of your favorite types of projects! Once the holidays start coming around you won’t even hwve an ounce of jealousy about traveling- just pure happiness that you are home.

  2. And what a great time we had visiting with you and Robert and Newcastle. Thanks again, it was so great seeing you. Now I’ll next be working on downloading some of our pictures.

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