Settling in and the family visits.

Well Hello, Here we are at the new blog address…. when we left our travelling behind I was not sure if I would continue with a blog or not however so many people have encouraged me to continue…. here we go….

After having the furniture delivered, unpacking, cleaning, a little decorating the next step was to travel south to Mum and Dad Hills to collect our belongings we had left there. This coincided with Roberts birthday which seemed great timing and we were grateful for the respite and TLC Mum and Dad always give us. We seem to glide from one food event to the next with lots of chat and a few jobs inter leaved between.



Like the rest of the family we know they are pleased to have us home and it was lovely to spend time with them again.

We hired a van in Nuneaton, filled it with our boxes, drove the 3 and a half hours north where Jennie and Andy met us at home to help unload. Next day we raided Ikea for new furniture then early Thursday drove the van back south, returning again on the Friday to the North East in our car. Phew….it was a bit hectic….

Last weekend we spent a fair bit of time unpacking and getting the house straight for the visit of Elizabeth (big daughter) Alistair and Melissa who arrived on Monday evening.

We were so pleased the weather has taken a turn for the better. A visit to Newcastle Quayside, The Sage and The Baltic was requested and for once we could walk by the river without the normal cold NE wind chilling us.

2012-08-07 10.39.25

We looked out from the viewing gallery at the Baltic, over the city skyline, a view I never tire of.

Ebony came to play on Tuesday afternoon.

photo 2 (3)

It is lovely that despite the children not getting together very often and the fact that there is 3 years difference in ages they get on so well.

We had everyone over for tea on Tuesday evening which was a hectic event too. To have all our children (and partners of course) around one table together is a rare and special event – I loved every minute of it.

The only person missing was Kai who was on an aeroplane returning from a Turkish adventure with Mummy. We were able to collect him on Wednesday and bring him over for the afternoon.


They played in the garden for a while where Kai kindly helped Melissa overcome her fear of ants by showing her how to stamp on them. Typical boy!

Aunty Lizzy had a great idea for something to make with paper plates

photo 1 (4)

The colouring in took a great

deal of concentration!

But the end results now decorate our hallwayIMG_3712

All good things have to come to an end and on Thursday we took Elizabeth and Melissa (Al had travelled down the morning before) to Harrogate to visit with Alistair’s parents. They will visit other family and friends as they travel back south to their home in Plymouth. While we have been travelling we have gone south to visit with them and usually it rains… I hope they take note of the beautiful weather we arranged when they came north!

So today is Friday again, the time is flying over. I am sitting in our kitchen, doors wide open looking at our garden, another beautiful day which we need to make the most of. How are we feeling now not travelling??? Have we had time to analyse – I don’t think we have! I do feel like I am trying to cram everything in to a deadline date just like when we are only here for our summer break. This time however the deadline is Roberts return to work on September 3rd. Life will be so different then.


4 thoughts on “Settling in and the family visits.

  1. Thank you.
    We are so happy that you have chosen to continue to blog. We know that ours are not the only hearts you captured during your travels, and we feel special and blessed for the times and adventures we were able to share.
    Thanks to all that urged you to continue…………we understand the void they would also feel without the much anticipated update, now from the other side of the pond.

    Memories from my military days as we returned from……Across The Pond. We were always anxious to return home but often missed the adventures of being away. Appropriate title.


    • You two have always been such a huge support for my blog writing xxx how could I deny you more of my ramblings. Our accidental meeting was the beginning of a truly special relationship. You gave me the chance for an experience I will never forget.
      We hope that before long we can welcome you in our home on this side of the pond!

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