Home again!

For all my followers to Going going gone this is the new site for my UK based blog. All future posts will appear here.


7 thoughts on “Home again!

    • I am so thrilled that the whole country has got behind these games – after all the economic gloom and doom we have suffered over the last few years its great to have something to lift the spirits of everyone. The fact that team GB has done so well too is of course a bonus. The closing ceremony tomorrow has come around very quickly. Have you enjoyed it? What is the US take on the event???

      • Huge TV ratings over here. I was so glad to see your Andy Murry win the gold medal for Great Britain. I see they have chosen the Spice Girls for the finale of the closing ceremonies. I think they could have done better!

      • I hope you’re right about the Spice Girls…the report I heard said tyhey were the featured act. we’ll see. Of course we’re getting everything a day later. Of course stayed up for Sir Paul. Are you kidding?

      • Well? Did you enjoy it? Spice girls were not on for long enough to offend but long enough for the fans to be pleased. Our youngest daughter was a huge fan as a teenager (as were most girls her age) she was delighted to see them together again!

        We managed to see about half before I had to go to bed…. we are looking after our grand daughter this week and I needed all my energy for a hard day of playing! Hoping to catch the rest on recording.

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